Pride • Inspiration • Integrity

No matter who you are, or in what area your career interest lies, we believe that you have to feel good about what you are doing. For us, here at TheHomeMag, that means having pride in the quality of our product  and believing in the concept of helping support local economies and families.

What we do works for our readers. TheHomeMag graces some of the finest homes in America, connecting homeowners with top-notch local businesses. It inspires people to preserve and improve their greatest asset and most cherished family environment: their home.

What we do works for our advertisers. The vast majority of our clients are small-to-medium home improvement business owners, many of whom are family-owned and operated. When TheHomeMag makes their phones ring with the calls of homeowners who purchase their products and services, we are supporting families, putting children through school, and making happy retirements possible in local communities. “It’s just a magazine,” some people may say, but it’s more than that: real people benefit from what we do.

What we do works for our employees, too. TheHomeMag, with its opportunities, benefits and salary structures help support about 200 employee families. We are the most trusted name in home improvement because of our integrity. When we say we are going to do something, we do it. Many of our employees tell us we are the best company they have ever worked for and that’s true because we make it true.  We strive to improve ourselves and the lives of our employees every day.  

Our employees enjoy the opportunities that TheHomeMag offers. If you are looking for a company with a product that delivers:

  • Unmatched  high-quality and integrity
  • Success in 35 markets
  • Distribution that guarantees high-profit opportunities for advertisers
  • 90% retention of clients
  • Proof of Advertiser ROI
  • Print, mobile and web services for all clients
  • Advertiser Branding

Please consider joining us and apply now!